Thursday, December 31, 2009


The blue crab is an icon of coastal living from New England to Texas. It ranges south to Argentina and inhabits the Mediterranean, where it is invasive. It is the meanest and best tasting creature I've known. Scientists have studied it intensely, yet many aspects of its ecology remain unknown. Fisherman have chased it for centuries, but managers struggle to maintain healthy populations. It's future is uncertain.

My childhood introduction to blue crabs came as a chicken-necker on a beach vacation in North Carolina. At the time, I didn't see how anyone could be more expert at catching crabs than my dad. After years of casual and occasional observation I chose to study blue crabs for my doctoral work. I've generated many more questions than answers. 

This blog is intended as an exploration of those unanswered questions. I invite you, fellow crab enthusiasts, to join in this exploration through comments, suggestions and guest posts. I ask only that the conversation remain respectful and constructive.

Happy New Year and happy crabbing!