Monday, August 29, 2011

Recovering from Irene

Hurricane Irene spared us here in Savannah, but I know there is a lot of cleanup going on in much of blue crab country. I wish everyone the best in their cleanup efforts and hope life returns to normal quickly.


  1. We didn't get hit as bad out on the east end of Long Island, but I did lose two of the docks where I was hanging blue crab megalopae collectors. I was only able to recover 3 of 6 collectors I had out before the storm, and surprisingly, not a big pulse of the little guys as I was anticipating given the surge and the new moon. Thoughts? Obviously I'll still be collecting these daily through at least September.

  2. Hi John,

    It's hard to say for sure why you didn't get a big pulse of megalopae. Dave Eggleston at NCSU recently published a paper on the effect of storms on blue crab settlement in NC. From what I remember, the specific track of the storm in relation to the collection site was very important. I don't know enough about your area to hazard any guesses. Good luck sampling this month. It should be the peak time for settlement.