Monday, June 30, 2014

High Crab Prices have South Carolina Crabbers Worried about Overfishing

Prices for high quality blue crabs have reached $100 per bushel. Some South Carolina crabbers are worried that the high prices have encouraged too many people to enter the fishery. Read more at the Post and Courier.

Female Blue Crab Harvest Reduced 10% in Virginia

Virginia Marine Resources Commission passed a 10% reduction in female blue crab harvests and will keep the winter dredge fishery closed for another year. These actions were taken in response to low numbers of female crabs in the 2014 winter dredge survey. The survey is conducted annually to determine the status of the blue crab population in Chesapeake Bay. Read more about Virginia's changes in the Washington Post.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Imported crab meat hits record prices

What was once a low-cost alternative to blue crabs from Chesapeake Bay and other parts of the US has reached record prices. Jumbo lump from the blue swimmer crab (scientific name Portunus pelagicus) has risen to $25 a pound. Blue swimmer crabs live in the Pacific Ocean and are harvested in countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. In this article from Undercurrent News (an seafood industry publication), the price increase is attributed to reduced supply, an increase in global demand, and issues with fishery sustainability. Time will tell whether this truly is a one-time perfect storm causing high prices or whether global demand is finally catching up with supply.